DC-Test Devices

    • DC-Test unit 25 kV

    • Mains-independent due to battery operation
    • High degree of safety
    • Simple operation with greatest comfort

The PGT 25-D1.5 is a cable testing device for VDE-compliant DC voltage testing of cables and cable systems (for testing the cable insulation of a newly laid cable before commissioning, in compliance with VDE 0276-620/621). Thanks to its compact dimensions and less weight, this device is portable and can be used directly on site. The readable values of output voltage and leakage current make it possible to evaluate the state of the test object as regards voltage stability and insulation capacity.

  • Features

  • Simple operation
  • Timer (adjustable test time)
  • Internal discharging device
  • Power supply: internal rechargeable battery, external battery 11…15 V DC, mains
  • Less weight and compact design of the individual device
  • Continuously adjustable stabilised output voltage
  • Direct voltage measurement at high voltage output
  • Three current measurement ranges (0.2 / auto / 2 mA)
  • Zero position force for switching on high voltage
  • Higher safety due to protective earthing circuit and integrated discharging device


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