Burn down devices

    • Burn unit 15 kV

    • High current, short-circuit resistant
    • Safe conversion of high impedance and intermittent cable fault types

The BG 15-D25 burn unit is a powerful, portable, high voltage device that is primarily used for cable fault location in low and medium voltage networks as well as in control cables. The high output power and short-circuit protection of the device enables the conversion of high impedance and intermittent cable faults into low impedance shunts up to dead short circuits without any problem. Additionally it can be used in combination with appropriate connecting devices and time domain reflectometers for pre-location using the Arc Reflection Technique (ART).

  • Features

  • Short-circuit resistant
  • Maximum burn current of 25 A
  • Burning power is maintained constant
  • Continuous setting of burning voltage from 0 to 15 kV
  • Display of output current and output voltage
  • Automatic discharging of the test object after switching off
  • Integrated switch-on interlock and discharging device


  • Contact
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