Cable sheath test sets

    • Cable sheath test set InterSheath

    • Complete set in a rugged case
    • Reliable location of earth faults
    • Early detection of contact to earth

The InterSheath cable sheath test set was developed for testing and locating the faults in the cable sheaths of the shielded, plastic-insulated power cables. This set can also be used for locating the earth fault in unshielded, plastic-insulated power cables, control and communication cables. The preventive cable sheath test and, if required, fault location followed by repairs is a suitable way to minimise the probability of a fault and an interruption in power supply. Moreover, a cable sheath test shortly after laying the cables is a reliable method for on-time detection and rectification of faults that may occur when laying cables.

  • The InterSheath cable sheath test set comprises:
  • Cable sheath test generator TS6-D400
    For testing the outer sheath of shielded, plastic-insulated cables by measuring the leakage current at a configurable test voltage of up to 6 kV. For locating the faults in shielded and unshielded plastic cables.
  • Fault location device TS-VM
    For prelocation of earth faults in plastic-insulated cables, especially in case of damages of the outer plastic sheath of shielded cables.
  • Fault probe LS-M
    Location of earth faults in electrical systems. Early detection of cable faults by locating any contact of the cable shield with earth.
  • Features cable sheath test generator TS6-D400

  • Large ratio of the open circuit voltage to short-circuit current: 6 kV to 400 mA
  • Current regulation for pre-locating in combination with the fault pre-location device TS-VM
  • Built-in timer for post-locating in combination with the fault probe LS-M
  • Overcurrent interruption
  • Battery check
  • Built-in discharge switch
  • Features Fault location device TS-VM

  • Precise reading owing to six current measurement ranges from 0.1 to 1000 mA
  • Four voltage measurement ranges between 0.01 and 10 V
  • Selector switch enables quick changeover of the feed from the start or from the remote end
  • Shock-proof insulated up to an operating voltage of 6 kV
  • Option of setting the switch from the start or the end of the object for supplying power
  • Features Fault probe LS-M

  • Direct DC voltage and peak value measurement, switchable
  • Positive or negative polarity of the needle deflector, switchable
  • Calibrated for measuring DC voltage and impulses in Volt
  • Long battery life (current consumption of 2 x 1.5 mA from 2 x3 AA size batteries)


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