Locating Devices

    • Acoustic pinpointing system

    • User-friendly, ergonomic, light
    • Innovative signal processing
    • Large, clear display

The acoustic pinpointing fault location system Kamphone is a ground sound microphone and is used for pinpointing of flashover faults in power cables. It consists of a receiver, a sensor and headphones. Three search methods are available: acoustic pinpointing, coincidence and relative distance measurement. The display of the receiver can be used to call different information. The innovative digital signal processing and a simple, well-designed operating concept enables a quick and precise fault location.

  • Features

  • Separate amplification of sensor signal and headphone volume
  • Suppression of disturbances (e.g. traffic noise) using four connectable band-pass filters
  • Integrated coincidence coil in the sensor housing
  • Optical display of magnetic and acoustic signal strength
  • Optical display of magnetic and acoustic triggering
  • Simple tracing option with a magnetic channel
  • Display of the battery status in %
  • Display of the measured value until the next trigger is initiated


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