InterCable FOS

The reliability of the daily used and proven cable test van InterCable FOF permits the fast and exact fault location, cable test and diagnosis in low, medium and high voltage networks.

The conjunction of the modernest cable measuring methods enables a precise localization and characterization of cable faults. With these systems power networks can be controlled to avoid and minimize time of power failure. For the configuration of the cable test van InterCable FOF there are two fault location systems InterCable FOS available, M-Line and R-Line. The modular concept and the numerous available options allow the adaptation to the special needs of the customer and to the specific characteristics of the diverse power networks.

InterEng offers two lines of InterCable FOF:

  • InterCable FOF

    • M-Line
    • R-Line
  • Connection

    • one- or three phase
    • one- or three phase
  • Surging

    • 0...24 kV / 1000 J
    • 0...32 kV / bis 2000 J
  • Testing

    • 40 kV DC
    • 80 kV DC
  • Additional to the selected fault location system and the choosen measuring equipment:

  • the vehicle in accordance of the recommendation of the manufacturer or customer’s need
  • own power supply
  • mains supply
  • emergency power generator
  • safety unit
  • cable drums of 25 or 50 m, manually operated , motor driven, or belt drive
  • connection terminals
  • basic accessories: separation transformer, earth control
  • furniture
  • The features of all cable test van are the diverse safety caracteristics, which protect the operator and the equipments in case of operating errors:

  • menu driven selection of measuring modes,
  • motor driven selection of phases and equipments,
  • equipment protection against wrong handling,
  • monitoring of the cable connection,
  • measuring compartment with protection rating II (separation transformer),
  • earth control: Control of protection and operating earth,
  • voltage control between test van to earth,
  • control of the HV compartment against entering with safety door contacts.


  • Contact
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  • Phone.: +49 35208 3424 - 0
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