Experience and knowledge

Here at InterEng GmbH Kabelmesstechnik, the experience we have amassed combined with the targeted applications of our knowledge provide our clients world-wide with state-of-the-art technology and a range of professional services. Since being founded in 1994, numerous former employees from leading German manufacturers of cable testing technology (ROBOTRON Combine Dresden, Funkwerk Dresden, HDW Elektronik Kiel, Salzgitter Elektronik Flintbek as well as Hagenuk KMT) have contributed their experience and know-how to the company.

Today, InterEng GmbH Kabelmesstechnik is a mid-sized company with the latest production facilities and a world-wide sales and distribution network. In Zschorna Dresden the employees find an excellent working sphere on the generous area of the former castle property and later child holiday camps with traffic-favorable binding by the highway Dresden-Berlin since 2001.

  • History

  • 1994 Foundation of the InterEng Messtechnik GmbH with headquarter in Dresden
  • 2000 Certification of the Qualitätsmanagments after DIN EN ISO 9001:2000
  • 2001 Introduction of the new production plant Zschorna near Dresden
  • 2003 Enlargement of the developing department and production department as well as introduction of           the cable test track
  • 2004 Introduction of the high-tension hall
  • 2006 Start of the serial production of a new device generation cable fault location
  • 2008 Process of independence of the division Cable testing technology into InterEng GmbH           Kabelmesstechnik
  • Research and development

    Long-standing experiences in the cable testing technology, combined with our young team of motivated engineers are the basis for our successful developing work. Resulted demands have from the practise experiences of the users the biggest value with the product development. The newest technologies are applied by the realisation.

  • Design and production

    Constant high quality and financial loss security of our products has the uppermost priority in our house. This is reached by the application of the most modern construction tools and planning tools
    (3D CAD, ERP system), especially to qualified manufacture staff and test staff as well as extensive high-class tests with high test depth. Optimally complements with the constructive cooperation with our well-chosen suppliers.


  • Contact
  • InterEng GmbH Kabelmesstechnik
  • Radeburger Straße 9
  • D-01561 Zschorna/Germany
  • Phone.: +49 35208 3424 - 0
  • Fax: +49 35208 3424 - 10
  • mail@intereng-kmt.com